Eureka Xpress provides complete printing solutions offering services which cater to all sectors of the industry, including Printing, Publishing and Packaging.

Established recently we have overcome our inexperience through technological innovations. Driven by incessant customer demands, we have been enhancing our production capacity and versatility at an enviable pace.

Our team is an eclectic blend of qualified professionals and specialists at all levels. From well educated directors at the top, to highly skilled management, production and operational staff, all are united under a common vision of being the best in the industry with reference to customer satisfaction.

Our personalized services coupled with very high quality standards, fast turnaround times and efficient production procedures, help us provide unrivaled printing solutions to our clients.

Our designing facilities include a complete composing and designing department with intelligent designers using creativity and imagination for improvised designing solutions to meet the most challenging customer requirements. Equipped with the latest Scanners, Computers, Proofing Printers and Large Format Image setters our designing capabilities are second to none.

Our Production department armed with the latest plate making and exposing facilities and with the highest standards of European printing machines from Heidelberg, Germany, handles the most difficult of printing jobs as a part of routine.    

We are one of the very few printers in the country to have both offset and digital printing facilities under one roof. Our wide range of finishing facilities including Lamination, Die Cutting, Hot Glue Binding, Punching, Pin Binding and automatic Pasting machines give our jobs the perfect finishing touch.

Our well trained and dedicated quality control personnel reporting directly to the Director, ensure that the highest quality products go through to the customer.